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Cold Brewing Coffee may be a trend but it has been around for a while - it goes back about 150 years to Japan! Cold Brewing coffee is made using cold water instead of hot and over a 18-24 hour period to extract all the flavours of the coffee. This process bypasses the bitterness, which is then filtered resulting in a rich full flavour brew.


We use Peru Tunki, a single origin coffee that results in a huge, face-filling chocolatey character with a subtle nuttiness - think a Snickers bar and you're in the right ballpark.


There really is no wrong way to enjoy our Cold Brew, but allow us to give you some suggestions:

• Straight out of the can if you're a caffiene addict like we are!

• You can microwave the brew and have a massive bodied hot coffee that's out of this world! (It sounds like you're breaking the rules but trust us, it's great.)

• Simply poured over ice with your choice of milk, cream or plant alternative. Perhaps try it with an Irish Cream Liqueur if you're feeling particularly indulgent.

Cold Brew Coffee

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